Big Ice Tray Ideas

Because Big Ice cubes last twice as long as the wet ice you purchase at the store, everyone will want big ice for their fishing trip, but here are some BIG IDEAS you may want to try as well.

In your Live Well
During hot days, the bait in your live well will die quickly.
So, most people add the store bought ice to help cool the water.
Well, it is only a temporary fix.
The store bought ice kills your bait because it changes the composition of the water.
The Big Idea: Make Big Ice with the water you fish in. Placing a few of these cubes in the live well makes the PERFECT ice to keep your bait active.

In your Bait Tray
As you get to those last bait trays, your ice has melted and your Ballyhoo are now mushy.

The Big Idea:
Line up Big Ice cubes under the bait tray. Because Big Ice last longer, this will keep your Ballyhoo nice and firm.

In your Freezer
Don’t get left behind when the fishing forecast is a “10”.

The Big Idea:
Be prepared for those days by “stocking up” on Big Ice.
It should take about 18 hours to freeze a tray depending on your freezer.
Once frozen, remove the cubes and relocate in your freezer, so you can make more full trays of Big Ice.

On the Weekends
Tired of having to run to the gas station for a bag of ice every time you want to ice down some drinks?

The Big Idea:
Pop out a few Big Ice cubes, and set in ice chest with your drinks.
To make your drinks ice cold, add a little water in the ice chest.

On your Sore Muscles
Do you have sore muscles from fighting a yellow fin tuna?

The Big Idea:
Add one of the Big Ice cubes into a gallon zip lock bag.
Then, wrap the bag with a thin cloth and hold to your sore muscle for 5-10 minutes.