EZ Steer Auxiliary Outboard Motor Steering Kit 34" to 38"

The EZ Steer system allows you to safely and easily steer your auxiliary outboard engine from your boat's main wheel, even if one is raised or tilted!
This allows you to pilot your kicker motor without being stuck in the back of the boat hanging over the transom to steer.
It also keeps you out of the way of the fishing action.
Designed for engines up to 25 horsepower, there is a kit to fit every outboard and sterndrive combination, even if you have a swim platform.

The EZ Steer patented, self-adjusting stainless steel rod attaches between your main and auxiliary engine and does not need to be disconnected, it will self-adjust and steer the auxiliary engine.
Each kit includes a complete bracket assembly, main bracket body, quick disconnect, stainless steel bands, and a rod assembly.
Rod lengths vary depending on the kit.
Order the appropriate kit and rod length for your application.

Length: 34"-38

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  • Model: EZ60006
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