Sending Unit Fuel - Diesel - Water 33" Tank Depth Wema SSL-32

Wema solid state fuel level senders level measurements are done by series of hermetically sealed reed switches positioned inside the main shaft of the sensor.

A float with built-in magnets then triggers the reed switch relays, generating a potential-free Reed Switch resistance with ohm value that increases or decreases according to the fluid level.

Output is fully customizable, available as resistance, current, or voltage signals.

The advantage of reed switch type level sender over thick-film swing arm type level sender is the reed switch’s durability and reliability.

Switches used in the reed switch level senders are able to perform over 50 million actuation cycles, more than 5 times that of thick-film resistors.

Additionally in reed switch level senders the float is the only moving part of the sensor, thereby minimizing potential mechanical failures.

Durable 316 Type stainless steel construction provides efficient performance.

All reed switch senders are calibrated to 33 to 240 ohms American Standard

Designed for use in gasoline, diesel & water applications

Gasket and 5 screws included.

FOR TANK DEPTH OF 33" order sending unit 1" shorter than tank depth (32")

Operational Temperature: -40°F ~ +185°F (-40°C ~ +85°C)
Standard American 240-33 ohms
Protection Rank: IP67
Mounting Methods: Standard SAE 5 hole pattern.

SKU: SSL-32.
  • Model: SSL-32
  • Manufactured by: Wema USA
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