Power Trim/Transom Anode Mercury/Mariner Outboards 97-818298Q 1
Martyr is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of die cast zinc, aluminum, and magnesium sacrificial Anodes, which are sold worldwide.

30 & 40 hp. Fourstroke
40hp (4-cylinder)
50hp (3-cylinder 1987-1997)
55hp (3-cylinder)
60-90hp (3-cylinder 1987 & newer)
75hp (4-cylinder)
75 & 90hp Fourstroke
100-125hp (4-cylinder)
115hp. (6-cylinder 1984-1988)
All V-6 and Opti-Max outboard engines.Supercedes 710-818298Q 1

SKU: 194-CM818298A.
  • Model: 194-CM818298A
  • Manufactured by: Martyr
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