MiniMax Deluxe Portable 737 4.5" Battery Operated Fan - Black

Caframo Portable fan that folds flat.
300 hours use from 4 D cell batteries.
Powerful but quiet airflow.

Energy efficient, compact and powerful.
The model 737 MiniMax fan is a favorite for hurricane preparedness because of its powerful airflow and efficient battery use.
Ideal for boaters looking for added circulation without having to wire into their 12 volt system.
Variable speeds
Anti-slip rubber feet
Long life motor
AC adapter ready
Match air speed to each different use
300 hours use from 4 D cell batteries
Economical circulation
Sleeping comfort
Powerful but quiet airflow
Battery efficient
Use on or off the boat

Description: Caframo Minimax Battery Powered Fan
Color: Black
Size: 7" L x 5-13/32" W x 6" H
Powered: 4-D Batteries

SKU: 141-737DXBCS.
  • Model: 141-737DXBCS
  • Manufactured by: Caframo
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