Fishing Light 12V 3450+ Lumens

Best bang for your buck! The new MINI BriteBite fishing light is designed after the highly-rated, but more expensive $200 REEL BriteBite from IllumiSea.
We took the same innovative and efficient technology and packed it into a compact and super bright light that everyone can afford!
Many other comparably priced lights are cheaply made and only produce 1000-3000 lumens (brightness). This one has actually been tested at over 3450+ lumens, comes with a 1-year warranty and is back by a very reputable Veteran Owned Business!
You will catch more fish with this light!

This light attracts both fresh and saltwater plankton and bait fish that will help you catch all the predator fish that will follow!
Simply drop this light into the water, attach it to a battery (not included) with the clamps and create lifelong memories during your next night fishing trip that will never be forgotten.

Reel BriteBite Advantages include:
30 day guarantee and 1 year warranty!
Cutting edge and energy efficient 12 volt LED technology that generates over 3450+ lumens.
Most other lights are only 1000-3000!
IP68 waterproof rating!
Very low battery consumption (2 amps)
360 degrees of the best wavelength size (green) that is proven to attract fish!
Battery clamp attachments you can use with any commonly found 12v battery.
Extremely simple to use and conveniently portable for use practically anywhere
16 ft of marine grade cable
Long lasting 50,000-hr average life-span
Small compact design to fit into your tackle box
Catch more crappie, snook, bass, trout, squid, shrimp, and much more with the MINI BriteBite from IllumiSea.


  • Model: MiniBritebite
  • Manufactured by: Illumisea LLC
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