Pro Fish 700 Horizonatl Free Fall Anchor Windlass

The Pro-Fish Pb is perfectly suited to installation in the stern of a boat, where it can be utilitized for easy Scandinavian style stern anchoring.
The automatic free-fall mechanism means access to the windlass is not required to drop or retrieve anchor and the all stainless design is extremely resistant to corrosion.

The gypsy has been specially designed to suit leaded lines up to 16mm in diameter and a revised control arm and new Pro-Guard plate prevent the rope from jumping out of the windlass or snagging during operation. Features Automatic freefall Powerful motor providing fast line speed Manual emergency recovery equipped all you need is a common 1/2 socket wrench Strong 100% 316 stainless steel, including control arm and stripper Maximum pulling power: 320kg (700 lb) for the 700 and 454kg (1,000 lb) for the 1000 Convenient above-deck installation 5-year warranty For boats up to 12m (38ft) Free Fall conversion kits All the features of the Pro-Series with Automatic Freefall. 100% 316 stainless steel case 12V motor provides fast line speed Manual recovery with a standard 1/2" socket ratchet DIY ready kit includes: Windlass, base gasket seal, fast mounting studs, installation wrench, circuit breaker, dual-direction solenoid and rocker switch 5 Year Warranty 700: Rope size: 1/2" 3 strand and 8 plait. Chain size: 1/4" G4 ISO. Motor power: 500 watts
Model: 239-6656211967310
Manufactured by: Lewmar