Eclispe GPS Speedometer 0-60MPH

Provides accurate speed over ground readings and heading information all in one attractive package.
This product is ideal for all speed applications and is particularly useful for slow and high speeds where traditional speed sensors like pitot tubes and paddlewheels do not perform well.
An added advantage is there is nothing in the water to corrode or break
Included LCD heading display to show course over ground
Connects to an existing NMEA 0183 GPS device (not included) or Model 68755P GPS Receiver/Antenna (SOLD SEPARATELY)
Speed accuracy of +/-1 MPH (once moving)
Heading accuracy of +/-1 degree (once moving)
Enhanced illumination: through-dial lighting for excellent readability at night

Dial Range: 0-60 MPH
Type: GPS Speedometer
Size: 3"
Model: Eclipse - Black, Domed.
  • Model: 11-781684060P
  • Manufactured by: Seastar Solutions
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