Dual Bank Waterproof Onboard Charger - 12/24V DC - 20 Amp

The new Powermania Turbo M220V2 is based on the same compact and waterproof design of the first-gen Turbo M220. The V2 inherits all the features from the original Turbo M, including its ability to charge 0-volt dead batteries, to maintain 100% output at 90V AC, and to intelligently allocate more power to weaker batteries for speedy recharge. The M220V2 is now 25% lighter, runs cooler (up to 25°F), and provides charge status and error check for each individual output.

3 Stage Smart Charge: Turbo M charges battery in three sequential stage - Bulk, Absorption, and Float. This mechanism is proven to bring battery to its fullest charge, and also to maintain battery from self discharge.
Adaptive Loading: A multi-output Turbo M charger can actively adjust each of its individual output loading and completes charging cycles in the shortest time possible.
Waterproof: Turbo ME is fully epoxy potted for true, long-term waterproof, shock and corrosion-resistant. It is IP65 rated (Ingress Protection) for splash proof.
Selectable Charging Profiles: Turbo MV2 allows the user to select different types of 12V DC batteries to charge. The initial factory setting is at "Flooded Lead Acid / AGM Charge Mode". The other two charge modes are "Gel Charge Mode" and "AGM+ Mode". AGM+ is for charging high-performance AGM type battery (Odyssey and Optima brands AGM)
Active Cooling: The Turbo M220V2 is equipped with a waterproof cooling fan. This temperature-controlled fan switches on and off automatically to help dissipate excess heat build up.
Charge 0-Volt Battery: Turbo MV2 can be used to revive a 0-volt battery that has accumulated too much build up or has been allowed to sit unused for several months. It could take several days of charging to bring battery voltage to a normal level. Unless the battery has one or more shorted cell, Turbo M can save battery while most others cannot.
Full Output at 90V AC:Turbo MV2 delivers full output even if input AC voltage been dropped to 90V. In less than ideal charging setup using alternative power sources such as generator power or shore power via long extension cords, Turbo MV2 performs just as well as it was provided with full 120V AC from a standard power outlet.
Global AC (120/240V AC) Input: Turbo MV2 accepts global AC input (120/240V AC). It automatically senses the input voltage and adjusts accordingly.
Individual Charge Status: The Turbo MV2 features individual charge status / connection check light for each DC output: red for charging, green for ready, and amber for a faulty battery or connection.
Individual Connection Check: The Turbo MV2 features individual charge status / connection check light for each DC output: red for charging, green for ready, and amber for a faulty battery or connection.
2 Year Warranty: Powermania, at its discretion, provides 2 year limited warranty on Turbo M Chargers against defects in materials or workmanship under normal use.

Norminal Input Voltage: 120 /240V AC
Norminal Input Frequency: 50 - 60Hz
Maximum Input Current (@120V AC): 4.7 Amps
Total Output Current: 20 Amps
Output Voltage / Bank: 13.4 - 14.7V DC
Number of Output Bank: 2 (Prewired)
Output Voltage Configuration: 12/24V DC
Battery Type Setting: 1.Flooded (Lead-Acid) / AGM 2.GEL 3.AGM+
Charging Voltage (Flooded / AGM): 14.6V (Absorption) / 13.5V (Float)
Charging Voltage (GEL): 14.1V (Absorption) / 13.8V (Float)
Charging Voltage (AGM+): 14.7V (Absorption) / 13.6V (Float)
Operational Temperature: -4°F - 122°F
Storage Temperature: -40°F - -185°F
Output Cable Length: 6'
AC Power Cord Length: 6'
Dimension: 8.25" x 5.75" x 2.75"
Weight: 6.8lb
DC Wire Gauge: 12 AWG

LED Indicatiors:
Power, Monitor Mode, Over-Voltage Indicator, Overheat Indicator
AGM+ Charge Mode, Gel (Gel Cell) Charge Mode, Lead-Acid / AGM Charge Mode,
Safety Features:
Ignition Protection
Overheat Protection
Over-Current Protection
Over-Voltage Protection Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Short-Circuit Protection
FCC Class A
IP65 (Splash Proof)
Marine UL 1236 CSA C22.2 N0. 107.2
California Energy Commission (CEC)

Model: M220V2
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