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Testimonial by: william wildman of Reston VA (USA)Date added: 07/13/2020
Title: Great service
Great customer service I ordered my part on a Tues.... read more
Testimonial by: John T. Derise of Delcambre LA (USA)Date added: 05/18/2020
Title: Todd is the best!
In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic we were look.... read more
Testimonial by: HAROLD LAYSER of WILLIAMSTOWN AL (USA)Date added: 05/02/2020
Title: Outstanding customer Service
It was early evening, on a Friday. I had left a vo.... read more
Testimonial by: Chuck Bingham of OklahomaDate added: 09/09/2019
Title: Fast
Delivered today. You guys are fast! Thanks
Testimonial by: David Adam of Roswell GA (USA)Date added: 06/05/2019
Title: Great Service
I submitted the order, but I lost my info. I sent .... read more
Testimonial by: Rusty McPike of TexasDate added: 07/27/2017
Just a note to say thank you for the way this orde.... read more
Testimonial by: Steve Lofton of MarylandDate added: 09/01/2016
Title: Humor
Hi Todd, Every Time my boat says to me (BOAT bring.... read more
Testimonial by: John Krieger of NW FLDate added: 08/02/2016
Title: Great Service
Steering wheel and bait table arrived yesterday. T.... read more
Testimonial by: Steve Palmer of MinnesotaDate added: 11/11/2015
Title: Customer Service
I just want to say thanks for your excellent custo.... read more
Testimonial by: Bruce MacLaine of OhioDate added: 07/24/2015
Title: AMAZED!
A couple weeks back, I ordered a rotor and distrib.... read more
Testimonial by: Sam McLamb of North CarolinaDate added: 06/10/2015
Title: Thanks
Todd, thanks for helping me figure out exactly wha.... read more
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Testimonial by: Francis Sauer of marylandDate added: 04/02/2015
Title: Satisfied
I got my order as promised. You have another new s.... read more
Testimonial by: John Fowler of OhioDate added: 07/15/2014
Title: Company Service
Todd, Order arrived yesterday in the mail in grea.... read more
Testimonial by: John Robinson of OregonDate added: 04/30/2014
Title: Customer Service
Todd: Many thanks. The package arrived Saturday a.... read more
Testimonial by: Tom Spiers of United StatesDate added: 04/22/2014
Title: Great Service!
Todd- products arrived today. Great Service! Thank.... read more
Testimonial by: Derek Geddings of South CarolinaDate added: 04/01/2014
Title: Thank You!
I wanted to thank you Todd for your help!!!! T.... read more
Testimonial by: Donald Boucher of FloridaDate added: 04/01/2014
Title: Life Saver
Todd, Thank you the part fit like a glove you w.... read more
Testimonial by: roland of new yorkDate added: 12/19/2013
Title: best ever!!!!
cbo is the best place to order your boating gear!!.... read more
Testimonial by: Alex Jones of el dorado hills, CaliforniaDate added: 11/27/2013
Title: Surprise
Todd, Thanks so much..for the up-date and taking .... read more
Testimonial by: Jeff Hansen of Douglas, MichiganDate added: 11/27/2013
Title: Service
Todd. Thank you very much for your attention .... read more
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