Anode Kit Mercruiser Bravo I Magnesium Martyr CMBRAVO1KITM

Martyr™ is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of die cast zinc, aluminum, and magnesium sacrificial anodes, which are sold worldwide.

Martyr Bravo 1 magnesium anode kit includes:

CM762145 Trim Tab
CM806188 Bearing Carrier
CM821630C2 Driveshaft Housing
CM806190 Trim Ram (2)

Always check propeller clearance when installed!

Application: Bravo 1
Type: Magnesium

Order the Correct Anodes:
Salt water, use Zinc or Aluminum Anodes
Brackish Water, use Aluminum Anodes
Fresh Water, use Magnesium Anodes

  • Model: 194-CMBRAVO1KITM
  • Manufactured by: Martyr
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